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Monday, March 30, 2009

Name Game

Aah, Suzuki's mommy tagged Chanelle in a game! Channy loves a challenge!!
01. What is your name? Chanelle
The following answers must all begin with the first letter of your name.
02. A four letter word? Care
03. Girl name: Calendre :P
04. Boy name: Cael (pronounced liked Kyle)
05. Occupation: Caretaker
06. Color: Crimson
07. Piece of clothing: Cardigan
08. Food: Chocolate
09. Item in the bathroom: Caddy (like, a shower caddy)
10. Place/City: CANADA!!! <3
11. A reason for being late: Car trouble
12. Something you'd yell: COWABUNGA!!
13. Movie: Coraline (lawl, had to ask a friend for that one)
14. Something you can drink: Coke
15. Band: Coldplay
16. Animal: Cobra
17. Street name: Coronation Street (lawl)
18. Car: Chrystler Concord
19. Song: "Cry" -- Hillary Duff :P
20. Activity that includes more than one participant: California Kickball
Now, onto my stuff. I was browsing through Scooby Doo's dating site today and saw these two cuties . . .
Aren't they handsome! Their names are Checkers and Sweepy (respectfully). I think I may go out with them sometime, one at a time, of course. :P
Well, I have to get back to trying to inflitrate Momma and Papa's room. Momma is sick, but she won't let me in!!!

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