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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


OH. MA. DAWG. I'm never sitting next to the fireplace again! D8

There's this grate at the bottom of the fireplace, and it doesn't screw in. You kinda have to pop the top in this groove and then slide the bottom on this block, so it's really easy to kick down, which I totally just did.

I was sleeping by the fireplace, all warm and cozy, when I stretched out and BOOM!!! I rocketed out of the living room like someone set my tail on fire. Chanelle said all she saw was a black flash . . . I'm surprised I didn't pee myself! She was laughing so hard, she nearly dropped the laptop!!

Chanelle called me back into the living room, but I gave the fireplace a wiiiide berth. She says I'll get over it, though. It's not like I've never done that before. bol


  1. Cookie!

    OMDog! That must have been so scary! I'm glad you're okay. The fireplace must be evil.

    I've had experiences like that before, where I stretch out and accidentally knock something over, and when it lands it makes a big bang and scares me! I bet it's not as scary as the fireplace though!

    I don't get why my human Lizzy is laughing at this post... She seems to think it's funny.


  2. Hi there!

    We came over from Sparky's blog...so nice to meet you!

    The fireplace freaks out Dot, she doesn't like that popping noise.


  3. bol, Sparky, I bet it is!! Metal hitting tile is the loudest noise EVER!!

    Hey, Bear! My fireplace doesn't pop. It's a gas fireplace.

    bol, I'm so funny . . . I'm back at the fireplace already!!!


  4. Omigosh! That is so freaky! I would have run far far away if I experienced that...>.<" Hope you got some treats to calm you down! hehe!


    P/S: I added you to my buddies' list...hope it's okay!

  5. lol, I tried, but no treats. :P

    Thanks for buddying!! <3


  6. That stinks! How is a pretty girl like you going to get any decent shut-eye?!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Hi dear Cookie!!!
    we found you trought Sparkie's blog!!
    we would like to tell you welcome in dog's blog community!!!
    do you want to be our new friend???
    we'll be honored!!!
    lots of love and kisses from Italy!!!
    Paco & Milo!!!!

  8. Hi, guys!

    I'm okay now. I completely forgot about the incident, and when Chanelle reminded me, I didn't care anymore.

    I'd love to be ALL your friends! I love new online friends! (Real life friends I'm not too sure about yet!)

    Snuggly Bum Sniggles!


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