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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Movie Update

Hey, every doggy!

This has to be quick, Chanelle is in the process of cooking my VERY LATE breakfast right now . . . Momma was sick and couldn't make it, and Chanelle and Papa had to go out. :(

Chanelle thought my idea for my movie title was stoopid. She told me, instead of Short Bark-uit it should be Short Biscuit . . . actually, I agree. My title was silly. bol

I think I've found my Newton, though. I'm considering Sparkey for that part, and maybe Tanner can be Ben . . . he seems to fit the part. bol Hm . . . does anyone want any of the other roles??

Chanelle found some more pictures of me, only these ones are much more unflatering than the others . . . It was fall, so I was just growing back from my short poodle cut (which I'm getting again soon, by the way), and she decided that she would use me for an UNNECCESSARY model for a science project . . .

That, ony my head, is a trophic pyramid. I do not know what a trophic pyramid is, but there's a picture of a doggy on the top, so, it's good in my books! Just . . . don't put it on my head . . .

And then, she took the whole thing a step further . . .

Are you kidding me!? Sunglasses?!?! Ugh! But, being a good little girl, I wore them without knocking them off, which I really, really, wanted to do . . . At least I got lots of praise for being so good . . .

Anyways, my food is finally done! CHOW TIME!!!


  1. Hi Cookie
    I have some acting experience if you need a female. I was in Petey's recent production Beagadoon in the townspeople act.
    Big licks to you

  2. Hi, Suzi!!!

    There are sooo many males in this movie! I'm going to MAKE some of the scientists at the lab, FEMALE. You can be a scientist, if you like! :)

    Snuggly Bum Sniggles!!!

  3. Hey Cookie!!

    mol, Sarah made me wear that silly hat too!!!!

    I think we should boycott their Science class.



  4. I AGREE!!! D8

    Sniggle Bum Sniggles!


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