PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Channy had time!


Channy had time for me today! She carefully counted out 30 treats (my training reward ration for each day). Then she trained with me!

We worked on "Look-it-me", "Don't Touch", "Take it", "Stay", and "Come". Come is my favorite. I always run towards her full blast, even if she doesn't have treats. But she's a little bit of a perfectionist and wants to make sure I always finished the "come" by doing a "sit" right in front of her. I have a nervous scooting habit (NOT BUM SCOOTING! just a kind of seated shuffle!) that I do when I see treats, so it's a little tricky.

I already know "sit", "off" (though I growl if I REALLY don't want to get off), "in", "out", "go to bed", and "let's go", but Channy says we still need to proof those ones. Proofing is making sure your dog can perform a command in any situation. Channy says "take it" and "look-it-me" are ready for proofing now too!

Maybe, after each command is proofed, I'll put up a video of me preforming commands. How fun!

And now for some random pictures of me.


This has always been my most favorite way to sleep, UPSIDE DOWN! (That's not really my bed, by the way. It's just my sofa-bed in Channy's room. I sleep in a crate.)

See! I even did it the very first night I slept here with my human family.

Well, it's time for my walkies now!

Grand Bisous!