PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers


(Image Withheld for Privacy) Papa: Papa is the big male human in the house. He likes to play rough and sometimes he scares me a little! But he is very tender and cuddly (when no one is looking).

(Image Withheld for Privacy) Mommy: Mommy is the big female human in the house. She likes to hold and cuddle and kiss me. Channi says she puts too much loving on me, but I don't mind! She's always very sensitive and soft with me.

 Channi: Channi is my people. I was her Christmas gift to her! She loves me very much, and we play, train, and have walkies together. She's lots of fun and I love her lots!

(Images Coming Soon) Phoenix: Phoenix is Papa's bright orange canary. He's Channi's favorite, and he sings the loudest and puffs himself up more than any of the other birds.

Sammy Cooper: Sammy is a brown and white canary who looks like he needs a hair cut. He was named partially by Channi's cousin, Brandon.

Arrow the Sparrow: Arrow seems to be the leanest and fastest of Papa's canaries. He is yellow with brown stripes. He doesn't sing the loudest, but his song is VERY sweet.

Twidgety Spazz-Spazz Ow-He-Bit-Me: Twidget is a picoplat, which is a sort of bird from Trinidad (where Papa is from). He's not very tame, and he bites (hence his name). He has a very unique song, and sings very loud when Papa runs the shower for him to hear. He thinks he's back in Trinidad with all the beautiful waterfalls. But, when the shower is off, he never stops moving, making sure no one bites him back!