PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hair cut

I got a hair cut!
Don't I look tres belle?
It is very appropriate, since it is getting rather warm down here.
I hope Sweepy doesn't mind. He seems to prefur me long furred.
But, honestly, Papa cut me too short.
Yes, I didn't go to the groomers, my papa cut me.
(He gave me some bald spots and nicked me a little too! NO TIP FOR YOU, PAPA!)
He was supposed to leave my head long and my face short, but he left my face long and my head short. OH DEAR!
Oh well, Channy is a bit better at the whole grooming thing than he is. She'll fix it.
Sweepy told me that he got me something . . . he put it on his blog, and, I must appologize, I peeked. It's the most wonderful necklace! I am so happy! It is tres jolie! He is going to ask Sparky if he can mail it to him and forward it to me, as Channy would get in trouble if I started receiving parcels from doggies she didn't know.
Oh, my, Sweepy took me on a date this Easter! We pawticipated in the Easter egg hunt, and took a promenade in the museum! The Philipeans is so beautiful! I feel as if I had to leave too soon. :(
Well, I'll have to blog to you later. I'm hungry!
Au revoir!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Le Gasp!

I got a luverly pawtrait from Sweepy! Go to his blog to see it!
And his big brother Bogart dedicated a flower to us!!
Oh, I'm so happy I could pee!
And Channy says she might be getting a camera soon, too! Momma says that she can't give her birthday money to charity, so she's going to buy a camera. bol, Momma thinks Channy is CRAZY!!
Something kinda good happened at the dog park yesterday. It was only me and my neighbor Marcel, and we were actually playing! I was being BRAVE! But then he stopped running and started sniffing the ground, so I ran into him to get him going again, and he turned around and bit me in the bum! I was so scared, I stayed by Channy for the rest of the day. :(
Well, Channy is going to take me to the park soon, so I'd better go get ready.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh me, Oh my!

Ooooh, I'm blushing and wagging all over! Sweepy has just done the sweetest thing!! He sent me an award!

He's just soo sweet! Oooh, I can hardly type, I feel so bubbly! Go to Sweepy's blog to read the message he sent me! Oooohh!

But, I guess I should send this award to someone else . . . hmmm . . . How about Joe and Tanner Stains!

I'll give them this award for always trying to help their owners, and for recognizing that stain-making is an art form!!

Congrats, Stain Boys!!!