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PitaPata Dog tickers

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Channy found some pics that she ment to upload, but she didn't get to. But I sniffed them out with my snooter! Sit, and I'll be right back! I just need to set up the pawjector!

This is my costume for my masquerade b-day party. I had a good time and got lots of noms and love!

I didn't like the mask much, so I took it off. Now you can see me beautiful face!

Here's a better view of my cape. Didn't Channy to a great job?

While Channy was doing schoolwork, I snuck a nap in her bed, and I'm not supposed to be up there! Look, I even got my monkey puppet to snuggle with. But she caught me, woke me up, and booted me off. Not without snapping a picture first, of course!

This is my entry for the Dog Pile section of Mango Minster! I know only the stuffies on top of me count, but, since I'm so small, I couldn't fit a lot of things on me, so I decided to go out with a bang! Stuffies everywhere!!!

And this is me holding up my favoritest food (it's even better than yogurt)! LETTUCE! Channy made a sandy-wich nom and put lettuce in it, but she let me have the stalks! TWO STALKS! There was even some leaf left on them! I had a good time nomming them, but I stopped when Channy took out the camera. I wanted to show all of you my favorite food! So I posed nice with my yummy lettuce noms. Mmmm!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mango Minster!

I unhugified it, Mango!

Your Name Cookie Monster is One Tough Cookie (a.k.a. Cookie)
Gender Female
Group Sporty Dog
Your breed Multipoo
Your bloggy address http://cookiethestoopid.blogspot.com
Your peemail address cookiethestoopid@gmail.com
In this picture, I'm lovingly helping Channy with her science project by posing with it ON MY HEAD. She got a really good grade for it because her science teacher laughed really hard when he saw the picture! He thought it was hilarious! Ha ha. Even though it was humiliating, I'm glad she got a great grade. :)

More news later. I'm very sleepy and I need to go to bed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lovely January Day

Aaah, it's January, and it's a new year! Channy and Mommy came back from their Christmas adventure in Montreal and New York, Channy got a camera, the sun is shining, the plants are sprouting, and I've got a nice hoard of snacks and breakfast cereal in my cupboard. Aaah, life is good!

Yesterday, Channy took me for the first walk she's given me for the year! It was great fun! First, she got me all tidy and dressed up. She had to give my face a trim, because I had yogurt crusted all over it, and I looked like I had a beard! But she got me all fixed up rather quickly.

Then Channy clipped my leash on, and we jumped into the elevator and headed off!

On the walk, we saw this scary notification. Yikes! Coyote on the loose! Channy didn't like the poster, and said it was biased against coyotes and tried to make them seem evil, but I thought otherwise. Maybe she'd agree with me if it wanted to eat her!

When we got back home, Channy went back to her schoolwork. She put my pillow on the other side of the room (as seen in the first picture), but I wanted to be closer to her! So I curled up under her desk. That wasn't a very good idea.
Then Channy got some homemade bread and cheese for lunch. She finished all the cheese, but left a piece of bread. I snarfed it when she wasn't looking! bol!
Usually she'd be mad, but she thought it was a little funny, so she snapped a coupled of pictures before she took it away.

She said I looked just like I did when I was a puppy. :)