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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh, love of my life!

Oh, my love! My joy! Barks cannot express my ectasy!
My package from Sweepy was delivered by Sparky and Lizzy today. (By the way, Sparky, you have re-validated my status as a runt. You're HUGE compared to me!) My heart leapt as Channy opened the backage for me (I have no thumbs, of course). Channy found her envelope first. She adores the chain purse! She thought it was a lion, but I told her otherwise. Then she got out the card . . . oh . . . it left me barkless and breathless. How lovely . . . And then the bead necklace with the little . . . what is it, a patron saint medalion? And, the piece de resistance . . . the lovely necklace, paw-picked by my lovely Sweepy . . .
Oh, Sweepy, dear, the necklaces look absolutely lovely on me. Channy will have to ask Papa if she can take a picture of me with the camera later.
Oh, by the way, Sweepy has a gift for you in the package too, Sparky! And for Lizzy too! Maybe you can pick it up next Tuesday?
What else was I about to blog . . . oh, yes. Channy bought me two lovely bouncy balls a few days ago! They're the Chuckit! Rebounce balls, and c'est magnifique! They bounce REALLY high, and you can put little treats in them if you want too! J'adore!
Pictures late! Au'revoir, mes amis!


  1. Cookie!

    We're very sorry it took fooooorever to get that package delivered to you, but alas, we finally did it!

    Oh goodness, we had no idea Sweepy had something for us, too! We will try to swing by again next Tuesday, we discovered your house is only about 3 minutes away from my agility classes, hehe.

    I hope you have a grrrrEAT day!


  2. Hi Sparky!

    Really, honestly, truely?! It's that close? Because Channy and I have been looking for something to do together! Are your classes open to beginners?

    Snuggly Bum Sniggles!

  3. Yes Cookie, it's very close! We take classes at Bev's barn. She also holds classes for beginner dogs too. You can find out more, or e-mail Bev, through this website. :)


    It's really a great place. Bev is really good at training my human Lizzy not to run into the jumps and trip over the tunnels!


  4. Cookie, sweetest, the colored beads were done by Calia, Lui's 8-year old student in painting class. Lui does art sessions for kids and adults. Calia adore you so she made you a bead necklace but did not know how to make a lock. I don't know either. I'm glad you like it!

    Thanks Sparky for being such a great messenger!


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