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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hiatus Ended!

Oh my dog! I haven't posted in ages!
Well, this stops now! I am back on the job!
Speaking of which, I need a gig! I'm so bored! I'm practicing and practicing my ballet to pass the time while Channy can't help me blog, but I have no where to dance! Oh, to be able to take to the stage . . .
Maybe I should hold ballet classes. Would anydoggy like to learn to dance?
But that won't surfise. I MUST return to the stage! Must! Rrruff!
That's it! Forget Short Biscuit (as if anydoggy still remembers I was going to direct that)! I'm putting on a ballet! Any ballet dancers out there willing to do "Swan Lake" or "The Nutcracker"? Oh, it would be so much fun!
Or maybe . . . maybe someone can start up a "So You Can Dance: DWB Edition". OH, THAT WOULD BE SOOOO FUN! Aah, I can't wait! Someone, PLEASE, DO THIS!
On another note, I was rushed to the vet, today. My beautiful face was all swollen up! I'm not sure what happened, but Channy was giving me a trim (it's gotten rather hot up here!) when she noticed three red bumps on my right eyelid. I started scratching, and suddenly the whole left side of my face swole up, and my eyes were nearly swollen shut! Oh, and the ITCHING! It was horrible! Channy put me in her backpack and rode me on her bike to the vet. They gave me some really pretty pink pills and some lotion for my eyes. I'm feeling so much better now.
But, what a problem this is! I can't seem to figure out what would have given me such a horrible allergic reaction?

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  1. Today be bein Talk Like A Pirate Day an I be talkin likes a pirate awl day.
    So be my crew ov Beary Pirate cutlasses, arrrrrrr!
    Be yu a joynin in, or be yu swabbin the deks?


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