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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy Busy!

My Channy is sooo busy these days. Something about end of term or something like that. She says she can't blog a lot right now. But she has time for Twitter! My username is cookiestoopid. Go ahead, follow me!

Now, back to helping Channy with schoolwork . . .

Gotta keep those books warm!


  1. Did you 'marked' Channy's bag?
    Or did you just left your furry smell?

  2. Just my furry smell. :) I had a good nap in there!

  3. Cookie!

    Just received your package in the mail today from Sweepy! Shall I mail it strait to you, or drop it off at your house sometime (not sure when I can as my human is busy studying too), or shall I get my human to pass it on to yours when they're doing their exams?...


  4. Hey, Sparky!

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Channy says we should wait until the school year finishes to figure it out (unless Lizzy is going to one of the school events before the school year). She says that Lizzy can do whatever she feels more comfortable doing. :)

    Snuggly Bum Sniggles!

  5. Oh, PeeS,
    Channy says she's doing her exams in Pitt Meadows, so that wouldn't work.

  6. You make a very good bookwor- er bookwarmer! :)


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