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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Hey, everydoggy! I know today is Wordless Wednesday, but I thought it would be unfair to just post a picture after such a long time with no posts. So, here's what I did today! The pictures are extra nice now! Chanelle is taking Digital Media 12, and she knows how to use a dSLR now!

I went for walkies with Chanelle and her friend Kathleen! It was Kathleen's birthday, so we walked up to the pizza place near our houses.

Kathleen took a long time getting the pizza.


While we were waiting for the pizza, we went to Pet Planet! We saw these AMAZING dog bowls!

I think I'd look smashing eating out of a blue bowl, but they're a little bit expensive! Chanelle isn't exactly sure she wants to spend that much money on dog bowls. Phooey! While we were there, we also saw some really yummy smelling dried meat patties! I kept trying to steal them, but Chanelle kept catching me! Boo!

It was a fun day! Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have an even better day!

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