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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Mango Minster Experience

Well, MangoMinster has come to a close for this year, and it was a blast. I've met new friends, gone to Key West for the first time, and I won the Good Sport category!
All of this publicity has brought more followers to my blog, and has made me a sort of . . . celebrity! To celebrate, Channy wizzed me home really fast after the Good Sport winners were announced (I say winners because Zack and Frankie count as winners) to give me a brand new look and get me ready for the press!

To my amazement, Vague wanted me on the cover of their magazine!

They also interviewed me!

MD: Cookie! Congratulations on your win!
CM: Thank you, Mary, I appreciate that!
MD: So, I hear you're a shy dog. How was it being smashed in with a group of dogs you don't even know, and then suddenly be thrown into the spotlight?
CM: Oh, I was a little freaked out at first. (laugh) So many other dogs, and, I swear, half of them belonged in the Cracker Insane category . . . (laugh) Wow. Yeah, that was a little bit . . . exhilarating, but I tried my best to take it like a trouper.
MD: Like a true Good Sport!
CM: Heh, yeah. (laugh)
MD: What did you think of that Mr. Wild Dingo?
CM: I'm still . . . not sure . . . what I think. That was just . . . wow. I think Mango was testing us Good Sports there. (laugh)
MD: (laugh) I noticed you were not in sight when the Good Sports were at that collar-optional bar. Were you hiding, or had you already gone in?
CM: Oh, good lord . . . (laugh). No, no, I wasn't going anywhere near that place! I mean, I go collarless at home, of course . . . Papa doesn't like the noise my tags make, but . . . in public?! How racy!
MD: You? Collarless? I was under the impression you were the kind of girl to bathe in your collar.
CM: (laugh) Oh, please . . .
MD: So, what are your thoughts on Juno's after show interview?
CM: I was . . . flabbergasted when I read the interview. I . . . To be recognized like that . . . like this . . . That and winning all together made me want to live like an even better Good Sport. That and, also, seeing Clive in the ring. He's just an inspiration. I'm so glad he won Best In Show. He deserves it. (V)

After Best In Show, Channy encouraged me to hold a press conference. There was something really weird going on with my hair that day. There was just this one really curly bit that wouldn't lay flat . . . I had to tie it back with a blue scrunchie. Hmmm.

Reporter: Cookie! Can you tell us why you didn't have a speech for Best in Show? Was what Mango said really true?
Cookie: Heh, well, no . . . Mango was very clever in covering it up for me, but, in the hustle and bustle, I forgot to write a speech. However, there wouldn't have been any use in that, because Clive was destined to win. I was rooting for him.
Reporter: What are you plans with Sweepy this Valentine's Day?
Cookie: Well, normally, I wouldn't say, but, I honestly don't know, so I don't see any harm in telling you that! (laugh)
Reporter: Are you going to be appearing in any other events?
Cookie: Oh, hopefully. I had so much fun!

That's it for now! I'd better make my blog rounds before it gets too late!


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