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PitaPata Dog tickers

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mango Minster!

I unhugified it, Mango!

Your Name Cookie Monster is One Tough Cookie (a.k.a. Cookie)
Gender Female
Group Sporty Dog
Your breed Multipoo
Your bloggy address http://cookiethestoopid.blogspot.com
Your peemail address cookiethestoopid@gmail.com
In this picture, I'm lovingly helping Channy with her science project by posing with it ON MY HEAD. She got a really good grade for it because her science teacher laughed really hard when he saw the picture! He thought it was hilarious! Ha ha. Even though it was humiliating, I'm glad she got a great grade. :)

More news later. I'm very sleepy and I need to go to bed.


  1. Oh dear. I could not see the photo. When it clicked on it, I was asked to enter a user name and password. Can you maybe redo it more normal like your other bloggy photos? I hope it is not HUGE in the megabytes because my pooter is running out of space.


  2. There we go! All unhugified for you, Mango!

    Snuggly Bum Sniggles!

  3. Teehee! 'Tertiary Consumer'! That sounds so official! (And much more dignified than 'Cookie Monster' - although that is a title to be won with honor!)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona, fellow MangoMinster competitor


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